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College essay + resume help 

Hello!  Here's where you can learn a little bit more and figure out if this is something you really want to invest in.


Who am I?

That's me over there to the left--a painting of me anyways.  Don't mind the seaweed bits stuck to the was a windy day at the beach.  


If you’ve looked around my website at all, you’ve probably realized that I am not just a writer.  I am also a traveller, a teacher, an artist, and a graphic designer.  Most days, I work as a curator at a small history museum in Falmouth, Cape Cod.  As curator, I design, fabricate, and install all the exhibitions at the museum, which means I write, edit, research, and ultimately, tell the story of whatever we are showing.  I have honed these skills over many years.  Education has always been a touchstone in my life, in the work I currently do and in my past experiences as a high school teacher.


Essays and resumes are all about marketing.  Telling a good story.  Catching a reader’s attention.  Creativity.  Playing with language.  Ultimately, this is a creative process.  One that also involves a hefty dose of self-reflection.  Here are my goals:


  • To help you find your voice.

  • To make sure that your story accurately reflects you. 

  • To craft language that is as charismatic as the person sitting across from me. 


How does it work?

We have a preliminary meeting in person.  First everyone just needs to get to know one another.  If we’re a good fit, we’ll make a plan to meet again and I’ll give you a little bit of homework to do (mostly gathering stuff).  This first meeting is short.  It’s also free.  Next, We meet again.  We’ll come up with a plan.  Lay out goals.  Brainstorm.  Check out what you brought.  We dive in to the good stuff.  The second meeting is not free.  For longer projects, we may need to meet again.  For resumes, sometimes all it takes is one meeting and some back and forth.


How much?

My rate is $50/hour.  This stays the same whether it is meeting one-on-one or digital revisions/editing.  For resumes, one meeting and 1-2 hours digital revising/editing is typical.  College essays take a little longer, so plan on at least two meetings in addition to some digital editing time.


Is it worth it?

Your resume is something that will carry you through your professional career.  A small initial investment of time and money can pay off, not only with a successful end to your job search, but also in laying the ground work for the future and giving you the skills to present yourself in the strongest possible way.


Are you ready?

This is a process that involves self-reflection, gathering, research, brainstorming, problem solving, and more.  You get out what you put in.  I am a guide and advisor.  I am an editor.  I will hold your hand.  But your legs still have to make the steps and you will have to put pen to paper.



I think my best advertisement is the work I do for myself, so check out my own resume.

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